Friday, January 18, 2008

Rainy Day Book Excursions...

I must say that I love finding wicked bargains, second hand book shops are loaded with all sorts of gems! It may take an hour, but when you find that book it's like finding a treasure without the map.

I lucked out by stumbling across Charlie Trotters and Roxanne Klein's book"Raw" at a used book shop. The pictures alone will lure you into your kitchen to create some gorgeous dishes. Don't be discouraged when some of the Raw recipes are a page long. Most Raw recipes are just very detailed.
Another amazing find was, John Robbins "Diet For A New World", and "Diet For A New America". Both books are a must read, if you haven't already experienced them.

I love receiving books as a gift! Cook books always are a score in my eyes. You can't have too many cook books. Most of my friends and family know that I am a Raw/vegan, but even if I receive a classic cook book I can get some great ideas that help me create living and vegan recipes.

My goal is to create a new recipe every day. If it is a smoothie, salad, appetizer, wrap, dip, main coarse or a beverage, whatever just have fun!!

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