Saturday, January 19, 2008

West Coast Winter

A typical winter day on the coast, windy and wet! Oh well get the rain gear on and make the best of it. Yesterday was the venture into book stores and coffee shops. Today I'm gearing up for a bike ride. Biking in Victoria is fairly easy if you find yourself sharing the roads with happy drivers. If you bike along the Galloping Goose Trail you avoid the motorized annoyances, and if you have the time and energy you can bike for hours. I also love hiking, but to get to the best scenic ocean trails you have to spend at least 30 minutes in a vehicle before your hike actually begins, and touring the city can become a wee bit exhausting if you know what I'm saying.(too many engines idling).

Victoria BC is surrounded by lush green, ocean view trails ideal for morning or afternoon walks. Best of all, you rarely see anyone all day so you get the feeling that you are somewhere far away from any cities. My favorite strolling spots are the ocean and forested trails that connect to the West Coast Trail between East Sooke and Jordan River. During the winter these trails are pretty wet, and muddy but the fresh ocean air and earthy scents will re-energize you. That stretch of coast is so pristine. There hasn't been a whole lot of development from Sooke to Port Renfrew, but it is starting to happen. The majority of that area was logged over 50 years ago, but there are some living old growth giants amongst some of the second growth forests.
Sombrio Beach has some beautiful old growth cedars lining the trails down to the water, and once you reach the beach sit back enjoy some tea, and watch for the sea lions, seals and surfers in the waves. Don't forget your toque and mitts, during the winter season!

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