Thursday, January 17, 2008

Healthier Choices "The more we eat , the more they'll grow!"

While I was at home for the holidays in Red Deer, Alberta I found that a regular trip to the grocery store became more of an excursion. I realized that the fresh organic ingredients that I use on a daily basis on the Island just aren't available everywhere! I managed to rack up the kilometers on my mother's vehicle searching for ingredients to fix up vegan and living foods for the 3 weeks that I spent with my family.
I love any challenge, but this was hilarious!
It was great to see my Mother and 92 year old Grandmother enjoying everything I prepared for them.
I did bring an assortment of living foods that I prepared prior to flying home.
Cranberry & pistachio cookies, mocha chocolate chip cookies, chocolate & vanilla cranberry macaroons, chocolate cashew hemp balls, pear & pistachio crisps(amazing with raw vanilla ice cream)& classic nacho chips. I also did a wee bit of vegan baking, ginger snaps, gluten free pie crusts(sweetened & savory)I prepared all the pie fillings the day I made them for Christmas.

I really can't tell you how great it feels to know that you have been able to share and encourage family and friends to be adventurous with food. Just because its good for you doesn't mean it has to be drab, boring and flavorless!!!
Salads can be made a million different ways, dress them with the natural juices of fruits and veggies. Stir fry it up! Brown rice, sprouted wild rice, soba noodles, and rice noodles are a great base for any stir fry, steamed veggies or even marinated dehydrated veggies.
Even college and university students can top off their Mac&Cheese with fresh or steamed veggies! Come on buy Organic Fruits and Veggies! The more we eat the more they'll Grow!!
Stop eating out of a box! It is the simplest solution. Read labels, and if you don't know how to pronounce the ingredients or it says contains natural flavoring, you may want to seek out another option.

Make healthier choices this year!


A said...

Are you able to share your recipe for chocolate cashew hemp balls?

Susan's Live/Vegan Cuisine said...

Soon enough some of my recipes will be able to be viewed on my new web page
www.susansrawkitchen(it is under construction at the moment, but hopefully by mid Feb it will be completed)
Thanks for your interest!